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a month ago
Dr Todd helped our family of 4 through communication issues, faster and better than I would have thought possible. He makes everyone in the group feel like he’s on their side, very supportive. His fee might seem high but the value you get is priceless! He’s a great doctor and a wonderful human being! Make an appointment! It’s the best thing you could do.
- Rebecca L
2 months ago
Dr. Todd and his associate Dustin Wendelin made me feel comfortable and welcomed. It is good to be able to open up to individuals that don't pass judgment and truly understand. I aporeciate how they relate, and treat their clients through a combination of education and personal life experiences. I highly recommend these two professionals. Thank-you Todd and Dustin for all that you do.I am grateful.
2 months ago
Dr. Todd is an extremely calm and caring professional, right away you feel at ease and you don’t feel judged or uncomfortable like you do at other places. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Todd and his soon to be associate , they both are by far the best I have been to in the all the psychologist/ counselor I’ve been to 🙂 until I met them .. I gave up on counseling.

Counseling & Forensic Testimony

Professionally experienced in mental health and addictions therapy.  After more than 36 years of experience in serving Walla Walla and Columbia Counties, this office was opened to provide legal consultations, mental health counseling, and support.  As a legal consultant, I provide evaluations of clients, court reports, and forensic evaluation of documents to assist in litigation.  I have provided expert testimony in civil and criminal trials and administrative hearings.  Throughout my professional career, I have consistently focused on the needs of the client.

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Things To Know Before Seeking a Drug & Alcohol Evaluation 
If you are seeking a drug and alcohol evaluation because your lawyer thinks it’s a good idea or you have been ordered to do one, it is vital to know a few things. 

#1 - First, Prosecutors and Judges do not want you to “shop around” for a good evaluation. If you have been ordered to get one following a plea or a guilty verdict, you better choose wisely the first time. This means do your research with reviews and referrals. Your lawyer may have a strong opinion about where you go.  

Unfortunately, there is an inherent conflict at most of the chemical dependency treatment providers because they are both evaluators and treatment providers. By this, we mean that if you are found to have a “problem” with drugs or alcohol, the treatment that is suggested can be completed and is billed by the same company that does your evaluation. If you think that gives them a reason to find you have a drug or alcohol problem… well, it might. Evaluators should be professional and keep their financial incentives separate from their judgment, but some locations have a reputation for doing the opposite. So do your homework in advance. If there are a lot of complaints about unfair or exaggerated evaluations, take that into consideration. 

Additionally, if you haven’t been ordered to do an evaluation and are simply having one done in preparation for your case, you can choose to go to more than one location. However, when possible, choose the best place you can based on research and stick with the one evaluation. That evaluation should be sent to your lawyer ONLY.  Don’t be tricked into signing multiple releases of information.  If you don’t want someone to know your personal information, simply say “no” to any such request.  

#2 - Second, you will be answering written questions and oral questions. Be prepared. Don’t show up uninterested or “bothered” by the evaluation. That is usually seen as lacking awareness of your problem. If you’ve been arrested for an alcohol-related offense, you, by definition, have a legal problem. The issue the evaluator is trying to resolve is to what extent you might have a substance use problem and whether you will continue to have that problem. If you don’t have a problem, participate fully so they can figure that out. 

Furthermore, do not minimize things that should not be minimized. Even if your criminal charge is an isolated incident (one-time occurrence), don’t minimize the fact that you got arrested, perhaps hurt someone or yourself, or could have endangered others. Don’t try to “outsmart” the evaluator by choosing the “right” answer. There are no perfect answers. The best thing you can do is be respectful, responsive, and take responsibility for your mistakes. Making a terrible mistake on one occasion does not mean that you need treatment. If you don’t know that you made a mistake, it might indicate that you need treatment. So, don’t try to play games.  

#3 - Third, you may be taking a urine drug screen at some point during your evaluation. Do not show up with any substance, including alcohol, in your system! This would seem like a no-brainer, but it happens all the time. If you can’t show up sober to an evaluation, you have a problem. Similarly, do not try to “cheat” the UA. These are highly-sensitive tests, and they WILL pick up THC, alcohol, or any other substance. It will also pick up your diluted sample. So, drinking a gallon of water before your urine drug screen will only mean that your test is labeled deceptive and counted as a positive. Not a great way to start the evaluation process. 

If you have questions about what to expect, where to go, or any other questions before your evaluation, contact your lawyer as soon as possible. If you think you will test positive for THC because you used two weeks ago, you might want to delay your evaluation. These are issues you can discuss with your lawyer. For some folks, a positive THC test will not matter, and for others it could make a big difference on the outcome of your case. Every case is unique, and the outcomes vary wildly depending on every detail. Do not take legal advice from blogs or from friends. Get advice from a lawyer who can go over your particular facts and give experienced advice. 

If you would like to know more about consistently fair chemical dependency assessments, call Carman Wagner Consulting, PLLC at 509-529-1496.

Dr. Todd is a mental health clinician with a broad range of training, education, and professional experience.  He holds the following degrees: Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Master of Social Work, Doctor of Social Work, and a PhD in Addiction Psychology.  The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services has certified him as a Child Mental Health Specialist, Developmentally Disabled Mental Health Specialist, Geriatric Mental Health Specialist, and Minority Mental Health Specialist (Native American, African American, and Hispanic cultures). Through the Washington State Department of Health, he is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Substance Use Professional.

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